LHCS Construction Mission and Purpose
Monday, December 12, 2011 4:55 PM



To create a school environment which reflects 21st century learning spaces through a design process that seeks input from all stakeholders for the greater good of LHCS and active community use.




The goal of LHCS is to create a sustainable educational facility, ready to serve the 21st century students by fall of 2013.  We will do this by:


·         Utilizing district experts

·         Hear all voices within our greater community

·         Creating and adhering to a consistent and clear project process

·         Effectively and efficiently using our project resources

·         Keep our focus on serving our construction mission

·         Continual and effective communication to the greater community throughout the process



1.    Through efforts of the LHCS Site Council and LHCS PTA, a Construction Site Committee shall be established representing stakeholders from the school and community. These members serve as volunteers and are committed to the vision stated in the Construction Mission and Construction Goal statements for LHCS.


2.    A Construction Steering Committee shall be established by the LHCS principal. These members serve as volunteers and are committed to the vision stated in the Construction Mission and Construction Goal statements for LHCS.


3.    Stakeholders and greater community questions and ideas will be submitted through the Construction Site Committee. The Construction Site Committee has established a point person for community contact through the school web page.


4.    Talking points from the Construction Site Committee and the Steering Committee meetings and from Public Forum meetings will be posted to the school web site and included in the LHCS Connection weekly newsletter by committee members serving in a communications capacity. Talking points will first be approved by the facilities department and the area superintendant before being published.


5.    Information submitted to the Construction Site Committee will be discussed and given to the Construction Steering Committee. The Construction Steering Committee will review the information with the school district facilities representatives and the Luken Architecture representatives. The Construction Steering Committee will make recommendations and serve in an advisory capacity to the decision making process by MPS facilities and Luken Architecture in working out the building plans. The building plan will be submitted to the MPS Superintendant for approval. The plan is then presented to the MPS School Board for review.

This construction is a permanent change for the MPS to be able to deliver service to our community. There is a limited amount of funding and a defined purpose to meet the directive from the MPS School Board. All decisions must be weighed as to how the outcome will serve the Construction Mission and Construction Goal.


6.    The MPS School Board is the final decision maker in the process.