Level Overview

At Lake Harriet Lower Campus, we recognize the need to develop real-world talents in ALL of our students.  Throughout the school year, our students are provided with rich opportunities to develop interests in a variety of ways.   The most important thing we do as teachers in our classrooms for Advanced Learners is to nurture students to think with greater depth and complexity.


Level I - Services for ALL students.    Enrichment of core curriculum and exposure to possible areas of interest

Level II - Many students, but not ALL.   School based enrichment providing opportunity to deepen or extend an area of interest or strength.                    

Level III - Some students.  Emphasis is on qualitative differentiation of the core curriculum with depth, complexity, novelty, and pacing

Level IV - A few students.   Emphasis is on a subject or full grade acceleration and/or individual learning plans.



Level 1:  Field trips, guest speakers, Art Adventure, Specialist classes, FOSS science kits, Jr. Achievement, Bakken, Co-op Nutrition, Tunnel books, science presentations from Hamline University, and the University of Minnesota, and the garage sale service project (Grade 2).

Level II:  Spanish, Chinese, Chess Club, Community Education classes, Options Day twice per year,  Earth Day, Science Fair, Jr. Great Books, and STEAM (Grade 1)

Level III:  Guided Math, Guided Reading, Reading Eggs computer software program, Advanced Learner Curriculum extension projects, independent research projects, grouping across grade levels for a number of math units and also for spelling (Grade 3)

Level IV:  Individualized Learning Plan, possible grade acceleration, possible participation in advanced work above grade level