Letter to the Community
Monday, October 26, 2009 10:15 PM


Dear Families:

The flu season is starting to have an impact on our student enrollment. Our teachers want to help your children keep up while they are home.  We are setting up the following process to help send work home for your child while still being less disruptive to teaching during the day:

  • If your child is ill, when you call the school office, make your request for schoolwork to the secretary.
  • The secretary will notify the teacher/s.
  • The teacher/s will have the materials in the office for pick-up at the end of the following day.

For however many days your child is out of school, the student will have that many additional school days to complete and return the work. Our middle grades teachers are open to staying after school and helping your children make up science labs and projects. However, your child must arrange this with the teacher as soon as the student returns to school. Thank you for continuing to follow homework postings on each teacher’s classroom web page.


We will proceed with Mr. Marchetti and Mr. Tousignant leading our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Clubs for boys and girls. We are working with the District now to get our STEM Club materials and tech support, and the clubs should begin in a few weeks. There will be 16 students working with each teacher in groups of four. I will notify students who submitted applications to let them know whether or not they will be in this year’s program. Thank you, students, for your patience. We know you are excited to begin this challenge. We are also excited for this opportunity to stretch your science, technology, engineering and math skills.

Changing School Options Update

Ellen, Jay and I, along with Maureen (PTA), Carolyn (Site Council) and Alison (Family Involvement), met with Jackie Turner and Courtney Cushing Kiernat from the Minneapolis School District, as part of the Changing School Options Transition Team. We discussed the Mini-Choice Is Yours program for Lake Harriet. The program will begin next year in kindergarten and grow each year as those children advance through the grades.

All neighborhood children will have a seat for kindergarten. Then children from the Mini-Choice program will be placed. After that, if any kindergarten seats are still available, out-of-area children will be selected for those seats by lottery. The District is still drafting guidelines for the grandfathering piece affecting children now at Lake Harriet but living out-of-area (beyond the neighborhood school boundaries). All out-of-area families will receive a letter by mid-November with information from the District on how to register your children for next year and outlining the grandfathering piece. Lake Harriet Community School’s neighborhood boundaries are not changing. The present map reference of “F1” will change. New map terms will be more representative of the newly formed zones. On the Changing School Options web page through the District website, there is a link to a Q&A section. It is very comprehensive and can answer questions you may have.

Housekeeping Items

As we move toward colder weather, remember that if your children eat breakfast at the Upper Campus, they may enter the building at 9:20 a.m. and go directly to the cafeteria. They may not enter the rest of the school until 9:25 a.m.

The UC Lost and Found by the “Lucy” in the atrium is again overflowing with jackets, sweatshirts and lunch bags. It was only three weeks ago that we cleaned it out. We put items out for students to claim during lunches. Many items found their owner, but we still donated a large bag of clothing. We will donate items again right before Thanksgiving break. Please have your children bring home their clothes and lunch bags.

Mary Rynchek