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The week of October 8th - 12th

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  All of my 6th and 7th grade students have grammar homework this week.  My 7th grade students also have vocabulary/spelling homework.  My 6th grade classes have a grammar quiz this Friday; 6th graders can study their Q1 grammar homework in preparation for this quiz.

My 6th grade classes continue their Seedfolks/Community unit this week.  6th graders get their Seedfolks book this Tuesday.  6th graders also work on their Community Paragraph assignments this week; that paragraph is due October 16th.  My 7th grade classes start their WWII unit this week.  7th graders read poems about WWII this week, and check out their WWII novels this Thursday.

Congratulations to the students who made the Knowledge Bowl team.  Our first Knowledge Bowl practice is this Friday from 8:40-9:20 in Room 213.  And please check out our classroom Facebook page; I will be posting pictures of 7th grade research presentations.  Have a great week everyone!

6th Grade Language Arts
Monday:  Monday circle.  Hand out grammar homework.
Tuesday:  Journal writing.  Work on Community Paragraph assignments.  Check out Seedfolk books.
Wednesday:  Grammar homework due.  DEAR.  Chapter 1 of Seedfolks.
Thursday:  Journal writing.  Chapter 2 of Seedfolks.
Friday:  Grammar quiz.  Word of the Day.  DEAR.  TED Talk.
** Community Paragraph assignment due Tuesday, October 16th.

7th Grade Language Arts
Monday:  Monday circle.  Hand out grammar homework and vocabulary/spelling homework.
Tuesday:  Journal writing.  Read and discuss "September 1, 1939."
Wednesday:  Grammar homework due.  DEAR.  Read and discuss "Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too?"
Thursday:  Vocabulary/spelling homework due.  Journal writing.  Read and discuss "Caged Bird."  Check out Anne Frank, Book Thief, or Echo books.
Friday:  Vocabulary/spelling quiz.  Word of the Day.  DEAR.  TED Talk.
** 7th grade Grammar Quiz on Tuesday, October 16th.