Lake Harriet Volunteer Policies
Monday, September 19, 2011 9:20 PM

If you would like to volunteer at Lake Harriet, you must fill out the Volunteer Form and return to either campus office.  
If you think you will ever go on a field trip, tutor or help out in a way where you might be with a student without supervision of a teacher , you also need to fill out and mail in the Criminal Background Check form. 
The Volunteering Page on the Lake Harriet Community School website (under "About Our School") has these forms and volunteer information as well. 


Good News - Policy Update:  These forms will be kept on file for nine years  - from kindergarten through eighth grade for your first child.  We still have the forms from last year, so if you filled out these forms last year, you do not have to fill them out again.  However, if you move, change your name, or are still volunteering 9 years after submission, both forms will need to be resubmitted.