Knowledge Bowl / Quiz Bowl information

There is no more Quiz Bowl or Knowledge Bowl practice this school year.  Thanks for a great 2016-17 Knowledge Bowl/Quiz Bowl season, students and parents!  Knowledge Bowl tryouts for the 2017-18 school year will take place in October 2017.


Our two Quiz Bowl teams did great at our March 11th Quiz Bowl tournament at De La Salle high school.  Our team in the 7th grade division finished in 3rd place.  Thanks for a great Knowledge Bowl/Quiz Bowl season everyone!  See you in the fall!


Our three Knowledge Bowl teams did great during our fifth and final KB meet at Northdale Middle School in Coon Rapids on February 14th.  Our three KB teams finished 7th, 22nd, and 42nd out of 65 total teams.


Our three Knowledge Bowl teams did great during the fourth/statewide KB meet at St. Francis Middle School in St. Francis on January 28th.  Our three KB teams finished 5th, 16th, and 19th out of 32 total teams.


Our three Knowledge Bowl teams did great during our third KB meet at South View Middle School in Edina on January 17th.  Our three KB teams finished 7th, 26th, and 39th out of 52 total teams.


Our three Knowledge Bowl teams did great during our second KB meet at Skyview Middle School in Oakdale on December 15th.  Our three KB teams finished 3rd, 8th, and 11th out of 36 total teams.


We had our 3rd annual Lake Harriet Knowledge Bowl meet on Tuesday, November 15th.  First off, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the parents and former KB students who helped make this meet a great success. We couldn't have done it without Ann S, Gregg T, Alicia T, Colleen D, Amy B, Christina D, Rhonda G, Ryan R, Alana M, Emma M, Ellie S, Ava C, Dylan P, Jack H, Tyler B, Alexander M, Charlie S, Anders UC, Paul P, Sophia S, Oscar G, and all the other students and parents who helped out! I am so grateful for the parents and students who consistently help us make these events happen successfully!

Our LHCS teams did great, finishing 8th, 11th, and 17th out of 29 total teams. Thank you, LHCS parents, students, and alumni :)


Congratulations to the top 20 scorers on the Knowledge Bowl tryout test!  These students are invited to be on the 2015-16 Knowledge Bowl team.

Roxy Riebel
Eli Showalter-Loch
Sydney Tannen
Mason Pirner
Dillon Gustafson
Zoe Hunsicker
Kate Harich
Mitchell Parker
Peregrine Todd
Maia Hetzel-Warhol
Jonas Geere
Allison Hanka
Maggie Smith
Simon Custis
Sofie Urberg-Carlson
Alison Bode
Samantha Nicholson
Jasper Raleigh
Rhys Townsend
Milena Troha

You needed a 19/40 or better on the tryout test to be in the top 21.

Knowledge Bowl substitutes: These three 6th graders tied for the last spot.  They will take turns being the 21st KB member and also sub for others if necessary: Jack Dewey, Hank Gisselman, Henry Miller


Mr. Streit is coaching 3 middle-school Knowledge Bowl teams this school year.  If you are unfamiliar with Knowledge Bowl, check this web site for more information:

Knowledge Bowl is a great extra-curricular activity for students who love trivia, problem-solving, and challenging themselves.  There will be three middle-school teams of seven, so 21 total students will make the squad.  Tryouts for Knowledge Bowl are in early October.  The Knowledge Bowl season runs from November through February.

The cost for joining Knowledge Bowl is $15.00; this helps cover the registration fees.  (There is no cost to try out for Knowledge Bowl.)  Also, each parent must drive their student to the Knowledge Bowl meets or arrange a carpool.  Carpool drivers need to have background checks and permission slips arranged through the LHCS office; Mr. Streit can help you figure out those details.

There are 4 Knowledge Bowl meets this school year.  Knowledge Bowl meets typically begin at 3:30pm and end around 7:00pm, so students will miss part of the 5th hour and all of their 6th hour class on meet days (except for the LHCS meet).  Knowledge Bowl practices are usually before school on Fridays from 8:45-9:15.

Students who try out for Knowledge Bowl, but do not finish in the top 21 can still be on the LHCS Quiz Bowl team (students who make the Knowledge Bowl team can also participate in Quiz Bowl).  The Quiz Bowl season begins in December and consists of three Saturday meets (all registration costs for Quiz Bowl are covered by parents – about $20 per student per meet).

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