Week 21

Monday, January 29

*Pass back homework/projects

*Clean out binders

*New Seats

Song:                       El Pretérito Regular

Q & A:                      ¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana pasado?

Song:                       Mi Mis My- VISTA

Video:                     Gramactiva (tener & possessive adjectives)

Tables:                    Guided Practice 5A-3/4 (possession)

 Homework:           Possession Packet- Read & Complete Exercise A

                                DUE:  Tuesday, January 30

Tuesday, January 30

DUE:                      Exercise A, Possession

Group:                    First, Last, Favorite

Game:                     Sillas Musicales con la posesión

                               ¿De quién(es) es/son…

Wednesday, January 31

Song:               Mi Mis My- VISTA

Video:              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il6omEhco7c


Handout:          Possession (focus on first two sections/grids)

Notes:              La Posesión

             1) Tener:          Ana/Ella tiene un gato.

             2) Ser + de:      El gato es de Ana (ella/la chica).

                                       Es el gato de Ana (ella/la chica).

  (object + de + person)

              3) Possessive

                  Adjective:    Es su gato.

          Es el gato suyo.

Group:             Correct Exercise A, Possession Packet

Tables:             Complete Exercises B & C, Possession Packet

Homework:     Read Possession Handout

                        Complete Ex. D, Possession Packet (fill in with the correct possessive adjective)

                        Hours 1, 2, 3, 6:  Cut out the perimeter of the 2 cubes

                        DUE:  Thursday, February 1

Thursday, February 1

DUE:               Ex. D, Possession Packet & “Cubos”

Warm-up:         P. 48 #25 (matching)

Tables:             Complete the Possessive Adjective Grid & Sentences/Correct in class

Homework:     Study for Possession Test!!!

                         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TlfsEsxlIo (for extra help)

Friday, February 2

TEST:             POSSESSION

Song:               Vista (rápido)

Review:           Forming the question and possible answers (flipchart)

Group:             Correct Exercise D, Possession Packet

Q & A:              Answer 7 comprehension questions about Exercise D

Game:              Cubos con la posesión

Homework:     ½ Sheet (family & possession)

                        DUE:  Monday, February 5