Newsletter January 29

This is the first week of quarter 3. I encourage you to remind the students with the characteristics of an Independent learner.

Having a child learn independently means that the child is reading the lesson in the text (or watching the video), answering the questions (or doing the problems), checking their work, studying for the test, and taking the test – all without any actual teaching from anyone else. Or to put it another way, the child is taking full responsibility for their learning. They ask questions when they don’t understand something, but for the most part they are on their own. 

Benefits of Independent Learning — for the student

1) The child learns how to read (or listen) for understanding.

2) The child learns HOW TO LEARN.

3) The child has greater freedom to determine their own routine.

4) The child learns about their own learning style.

5) The child is free to learn at a faster pace.

6) The child learns perseverance and self-reliance. 

7) The child learns initiative. 

8) Which brings up the idea that independent learning prepares your child for college. 



Grade: Just a reminder, quizzes, tests, and projects are 80% of the grade.

I encourage all of my students to check their portal weekly and advocate for their learning by retaking any quizzes in which they received a grade less than a B.


You can access the daily assignments by checking the course calendar on the course website:


Math 7/8

We will continue Unit 4: Data and Probability. Tomorrow we will use measures of central tendency to predict the winner of the 2018 super bowl. Students will learn about Histograms and circle graphs. We will have our first quiz on LT4.1 to LT4.4 this Friday(Unit 4-Notes 34-38).

Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra

This week we will start Unit 4: Exponential Models. This week we will learn about exponential functions and Geometric sequences.


This week, I am available Monday, and Friday morning from 8:00 AM. I am also available during Lunch B.

7th grade MCA practice: Wednesday morning and Thursday after school.