HW Handouts

Copies of homework sheets that were given as handouts in class can be found here.

PDF Linear HW1_01   --  HW #1.1 linear function review
PDF Linear HW1_02   --  HW 1.2 determining slope
PDF Linear HW1_03   --  HW 1.3 - linear relationships
PDF Linear HW1_04   --  HW 1.4 Point-slope form of a line
PDF Linear HW1_05   --  HW 1.5 - linear expressions and moving between linear forms
PDF Linear HW1_06   --  HW #1.6 - Apply scatterplots and LBF
PDF U1 GBWRProj   --  Unit 1 World Record project handout
PDF Ineq HW2_01   --  HW #2.1 using parallel and perpendicular properties for lines
PDF Ineq HW2_01b   --  HW #2.1b - review of evaluating expressions and solving equations
PDF Ineq HW2_02   --  HW #2.2 solve systems of equations using the Substitution method
PDF Ineq HW2_03   --  HW #2.3 Solving systems of equations with Elimination
PDF Ineq HW2_06   --  HW #2.6 graphing multiple inequalities and identifying the Feasible Region
PDF Ineq HW2_07   --  HW #2.7 - Review for Unit 2 test
PDF Ineq Project   --  Unit 2 project - family reunion analysis
PDF Func HW3_02   --  HW #3.2 - working with functions & notation
PDF Fun HW3_03   --  HW #3.3 Domains and Ranges
PDF Trans HW5_02   --  HW #5.2 Reflections of functions
PDF Trans HW5_03   --  HW #5.3 Dilations of functions
PDF Trans HW5_04   --  HW #5.4 Transformations of tables
PDF Trans Art Project   --  Transformation art project handout
PDF Expon HW4_01   --  HW #4.1 Exponential patterns with graphs, tables and equations
PDF Expon HW4_02   --  HW #4.2 working with sequences
PDF Expon HW4_03   --  HW #4.3 exponential functions and Percentages
PDF Expon HW4_04   --  HW #4.4 using compound interest with exponential functions
PDF Expon HW4_05   --  HW #4.5 population growth/decay for your own species
PDF Expon HW4_06   --  HW #4.6 - product and power properties of exponents
PDF Expon HW4_08   --  HW #4.8 Scientific notation
PDF Expon HW4_09   --  HW #4.9 student generated growth/decay problems
PDF Expon HW4_10   --  HW #4.10 review for unit test
PDF Expon_Tuition Project   --  College Tuition project packet
PDF Q3_EC Iterative   --  Q3 extra credit problems on Iterative functions
PDF Q3_EC ExpGrowth   --  Q# extra credit student created problems with exponential growth and decay
PDF Q3_EC CarbonDate   --  Q3 extra credit problems on radioactive carbon dating
PDF Quads HW6_00   --  HW #6.0 Multiplying expressions using the distributive property
PDF Quads HW6_01   --  HW #6.1 finding critical points on quadratic functions
PDF Quads HW6_02   --  HW #6.2 Numbers and working with radicals
PDF Quads HW6_03   --  HW #6.3 Solving with radicals
PDF Quads HW6_03b   --  HW #6.3b - Converting between Vertex & General form
PDF Quads HW6_05   --  HW #6.5 factoring quadratics
PDF Quads HW6_06   --  HW #6.6 Moving between forms of quadratics
PDF MCA Review   --  MCA review problems
PDF Quads HW6_07   --  HW #6.7 Completing the Square (moving from general to vertex form)
PDF Quads Project   --  5/4 U6 project and rubric information - comparing linear, exponential & quadratic functions
PDF Stats HW7_02   --  HW #7.02 Stem & Leaf plots and summary statistics
PDF Stats HW7_03   --  HW #7.3 Statistics and data changes
PDF Prob HW8_01   --  HW #8.1 Experimental probability
PDF Prob HW8_02   --  HW #8.2 Simulations & probability
PDF Prob HW8_03   --  HW #8.3 using tree diagrams