Ten percent (10%) from the earned grade will be deducted if a homework assignment is 1 day late.  After that, late work will not be accepted. One extra day per absence will be given to complete homework if you are sick or away for a family emergency.

NOTE: In very rare cases, exceptions to these guidelines can be made. Speak with Mr. Wood to discuss your situation.

(1) Work needs to be printed legibly on worksheets or packets or on lined paper OR typed in size 12-14, and in an easily readable font. Please skip lines or double-space your typing.
(2) Proof spelling and grammar.
(3) No credit will be given for work copied from another student or plagiarized from a book or website. Your work should be in your own words.
(4) E-mail submissions of homework will NOT be accepted; please bring a paper copy  of your homework to class.