Near the start of class, I will project my work for how I solved the problem, realizing that there are often several ways to find a solution.  Students will be doing four things: 1) checking their work, 2) making revisions with a red pen on their homework, 3) thinking about their revisions, and 4) asking questions. Students tend to just want to revise their answer, but that is not what I'm looking for. I want students to think about which parts of the problems they understand and which parts are still confusing, and record a way that works (they can copy my work). These revisions can serve as study aids as they prepare for their Friday quiz. I will collect their weekly homework on Fridays (all of the week's homework stapled together).  They will be graded on whether or not they put forth solid effort, made revisions if needed, and (for the sake of my sanity) whether or not they followed the homework template. Their work must be shown directly with the problem. Providing just an answer or a separate work space is not acceptable.