Algebra Homework

Here is a list of all homework assignments for Intermediate Algebra with due dates shown. Students have two school days to complete this work for full credit. See the course syllabus for my policy regarding late homework.

All homework sets are either problems out of the textbook OR are given as handouts in class. Copies of the handouts can be found by selected the HW Handouts link on the right side of this page.

Current Assignments

Tuesday, October 24
- HW #2.1b, handout on solving equations and simplifying expressions
- Study for LTA 2.1 on parallel and perp lines and using graphing to solve 2 equations

Older Assignments

Monday, October 16
- HW #2.1, handout on parallel and perpendicular lines

Wednesday, October 11
- Unit 1 World record project due
Monday, October 9 
- Unit 1 test on linear functions

Tuesday, October 3
LTA 1.3 on scatterplots 

Friday, Sept 29
HW 1.6, working with scatterplots & lines of best fit 

Friday, Sept 22
Study for LTA 1.2 on forms of linear equations  
Thursday, Sept 21
- HW 1.5, handout on linear expressions and moving between forms
Monday, Sept 18
‚Äč- HW 1.4, handout on point-slope form

Wednesday, Sept 13
- HW 1.3, handout on moving between linear forms
LTA 1.1 on linear forms and slope
Monday, Sept 11
- HW 1.2 on slope (see handout)

Friday, Sept 8 
- HW 1.1 on linear functions (see handout)

Friday, September 1
HW 0.1 - Return your signed syllabus

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