Hello Haiti Tapestry - Connecting Kids Across Borders
Sunday, May 01, 2011 2:00 PM


Stop by the lower campus to see the "Hello Haiti Tapestry", created by K-2 students as a part of this year's school-wide Service Learning Initiative focusing on Shelter and Safe Spaces to Play. The project was initiated to help the students reflect on what they had learned from a presentation about the American Refugee Committee's (ARC) ongoing efforts to help the people of Haiti to rebuild after the devastating earthquake of Jan, 2010; and to serve as a bridge connecting our students to children in Haiti through their shared love of play.


The tapestry includes over 950 student self-portraits and sketches that symbolize their favorite ways to play with friends and family. ARC will present the tapestry to the children of Terrain Acra Camp in Port-au-Prince, along with the funds that our school community is raising to help build homes in Haiti. This project was made possible through the generous support of many people: American Refugee Committee (ARC), Teachers at Terrain Acra Camp, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Child-friendly Spaces, The Sanneh Foundation, LHCS Teachers, Principals and students, the LHCS Diversity Committee & Fiber Artist Lea Rae Duma, Graphics-Sara Boehnke and Photographer-Keri Pickett