Genre Study

Please check out the attached documents to learn what we are doing in class to better understand Genres.


Flocabulary song: Fiction vs. Nonfiction


Extended learning:

Review Game Zone: Genre Games

PDF Genre Pre-test and Information Cards   --  Pretest will be used to put students in to this week's small groups. Students will be using the info cards to help identify various books from various genres.
PDF Genre Classification Flowchart   --  Students will use this chart to see how genres are broken down into fiction, non-fiction, and subcategories of each.
document Guided Genre notes   --  These went in conjunction with the Genre PowerPoint
document Genre Poster Project   --  Working in their small group, students will create a poster based on their assigned genre present their posters to the class.
PDF End of Genre Assignment   --  Students will apply their knowledge of genre qualities to identify the genre of their current book as well as evidence to justify their assessment.
document Presentation notes   --  This is the outline students will be filling out during presentations.