Homework Requirements


 The GISE and GEMS program Robotics

Programming will be done during meeting time with the instructor, robot, computers and other necessary tools.  For most students, this is the “fun” part and we want to maximize the learning with the technology.

The GISE and GEMS program Academics

Because the programming needs to be done during meeting time, the research and invention presentation is best managed as homework assignments and parent volunteer-led meetings.

 The GISE and GEMS program students must commit to homework as needed.

GISE and GEMS are designed to get students to learn, and they provide a great program (robotics) to entice students to learn in many ways.  The program is designed to get children excited about science and technology -and to teach them valuable employment and life skills.  Each person does some piece of work, and then gather with teammates to discuss, plan and design (and re-design) the solution.  Types of Homework

•  Research – providing students with the opportunities to acquire new knowledge from many sources and to understand a problem (the theme for 2012 is problems that people incur as they age)

•  Sharing what you’ve learned  - providing opportunities for students to educate the world around them

•  Innovative Solution – providing opportunities for students to use their imagination and then their engineering or program design capabilities

•  Presentation Preparation – providing opportunities to create and give a presentation

•  NOTE: When assigning homework that relies upon the use of technology, The GISE and GEMS program is mindful of equity issues. Students who do not have access to computers, Internet, and/or email at home will not be disadvantaged when it comes to completing an assignment. We encourage families without Internet access to notify a The GISE and GEMS teacher, so we can offer any support possible. 

Parents/guardians can help by encouraging and supporting students to complete homework.

Students can help by: completing homework within the given time frame, alerting parents/guardians to homework expectations, ensuring homework is of a high standard and well organized, and organizing time to ensure that sufficient time is given to homework within set deadlines. 
Students who fail to complete homework assignments may miss the programming time as they complete their homework.

Consistent failures to complete homework may result in dismissal from the program.