From the Principals' Desks - From the Lower Campus
Monday, September 06, 2010 9:15 PM


“We’re baaaack!!”  And how exciting it is.  We look forward to using many strategies which will help your children learn.  Two years ago we began a literacy process called Readers and Writers Workshop.  The basic idea of the process came from a report that was produced in 2000 by the National Reading Panel, “They clustered their findings into areas of the reading process, often called the five pillars of reading: phonics, phonemics awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.”  This is what our literacy process addresses.  Now that we begin our third year, we’re excited with the introduction of a new reading series Good Habits, Great Readers.  It includes lots of new literature plus the workshop process.   

Of course, regular support from home strengthens student learning.  Here are some helpful strategies taken from Good Writers, Great Readers you can use as you spend time reading with your children at home.

  • Before reading: preview the text, make predictions
  • During reading: identify main ideas, make inferences, inspect the text (look forward and back in the text)
  • After reading: summarize, reflect

We’re a team.  We’re so happy to be working with you.

Ellen Murphy, lower campus administrator