From the Desk of the Principal
Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:30 PM


Dear Families,

     We now have the budget numbers for next school year for LHCS upper and lower.  We are working on staffing projections based on these numbers. The following is a rundown of where we will be placing teachers and grade configurations for 2011-12.


·         Kindergarten will remain with two half-day morning, two half-day afternoon sessions and one full day. The Kindergarten teachers will remain in their assignments and the same classrooms.

·         First Grade will have five classrooms and no split first/second class. The current first grade teachers will remain in their assignments and in the same classrooms.

·         Second Grade will have five classrooms and no split class. The current second grade teachers will remain in their assignments and in the same classrooms. Ms. Colonga will teach second grade.

·         Third Grade will increase to five classrooms. The current teachers will remain the same and in the same classrooms. Mr. Marchetti will join the third grade team. He will remain in room 104.

·         Fourth Grade will continue with three full classes with the same teachers and in the same rooms. Ms. Nachman will teach a split class of fourth and fifth grade students in room 114. Parents of students currently in the split three/four will have the right to select if they want their child to remain with Ms. Nachman or to have a new classroom experience. That form will be sent home with Ms. Nachman’s students after spring break.

·         Fifth Grade will have three full classrooms and half of Ms. Nachman’s split class. Ms. Pier, Mr. Badenhoff and Ms. LeVahn will remain as fifth grade teachers in their current classrooms.

·         Middle Grades will remain as is for staffing and in the same classrooms. We will be adding an additional math teacher. This teacher will teach the sixth grade Academic Extensions as a reinforcement in math skills and organizational skills. The teacher will also teach one section of mixed seventh and eighth grade students who will be identified for math support in addition to their grade level math class.


     This is the time of year for parents to complete the “Student Placement Information Form” if they choose to do so. The form is available electronically through the LHCS web site and also in paper form in the upper and lower campus offices. Submit the form electronically, or send/bring the paper copy to the office. These forms must be submitted by Friday, April 8th.  In an effort to keep the process fair, forms will not be honored if they come in beyond the deadline. We need time to process the information before teachers arrange class lists for the 2011-12 school year.  Completing and submitting the form is a parent choice and not a required step for placement of your child for next year.



Mary Rynchek