Week 22

Monday, February 5

DUE:               ½ Sheet (family & possession)

Warm-up:         P. 49, #26 (Cenicienta)

Group:             La familia mía, 8 Comprehension Questions

                        ¿Quién es la abuela de mi sobrina?  -Es tu/su mamá.

Tables:             Correct ½ Sheet (family & possession)

                        Possession Packet, Exercise E

Game:              Cadena 5A

 Homework:    Possession Packet- Complete Exercise F

                        Write two sentences per activity (see the model)

1) Negate the sentence

2)Re-write the sentence so that it is true

                        DUE:  Tuesday, February 6

Tuesday, February 6

DUE:               Exercise F, Possession Packet

Group:             ¿Qué son? (Identify party favors)

Song:               Izquierda, derecha…

Tables:             Create your “Estar” Song (Yo, yo, yo estoy…)

                        PRESENT TO CLASS

Q & A:            ¿Dónde está(n)…?  (Explain where party favors are located)

                        El gato está arriba del perro.  El gato está a la izquierda de la planta.

Wednesday, February 7

Video:              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXDWQygG2AE (tener)

Review:           Tener + que + infinitive (to have to do something)

Q & A:             Powerpoint (15 slides)- ¿Qué tienen que hacer las personas?

                        Ask & respond to questions in as many different ways as possible

Homework:     Writing 5A #11 (back of Izquierda, Derecha song)

                         DUE:  Friday, February 9


Thursday, February 8

No Classes       Race to Justice @ Southwest