Week 23

Monday, February 11

Song:               ¿Cómo soy yo?

Group:            Flashcards- Fly Swatter

                        Match picture to adjective/Match like to adjective

Listening:       4 Corners- ¿Quién es perezoso? (todos los días, a veces, etc.)

Notes:             Conjugate SER = to be 

Tables:            Practice Workbook 1B-3 & 1B-5 

Writing:          P. 63, #7 (finish the sentence by choosing the best adjective)

Homework:  Practice Workbook 1B-3 & 5

                        DUE:  Wednesday, February 13


Tuesday, February 12

Off Topic:        “IR” Song         

Song:              ¿Cómo soy yo? (karaoke)

Warm-up:       P. 63, #7

Listening:       Audio 1B #7-8

Read:              P. 64, La Gramática (adjectives)

Homework:  Practice Workbook 1B-3 & 5

                        DUE:  Wednesday, February 13


Wednesday, February 13

DUE:               Practice Workbook 1B-3 & 5

Notes:             Add Master List of Adjectives to the correct column

                        (organize according to adjective ending)

Movie:            Despicable Me II

                        Describe each of the 12 characters using 3 adjectives