Dismissal and Bus Information

Dismissal and Bus Information:

If you need to make changes for your child’s dismissal at the end of the day, please contact the main office at 612-668-3210. The office will call me with the change so that I am able to have your child dismissed to the correct location after school. 

DO NOT e-mail me Bus/Dismissal changes for that day or the following day because I may not get the e-mail in time to make the adjustment. Again, the best way to make those last minute changes if by calling the school office, 612-668-3210. They will make sure that I get the message. We do have a staff member who has the job of Transportation Specialist that works with any transportation issues.

If you need to pick up your child before the end of the day, please go to the main office whcih is by the front door. You will need to sign your child out in the office. The office staff will call me and let me know to send your child to the office for early dismissal. Your child will go to the office and meet you there.

Bus Tags – Please make sure that the information on your child’s bus tag is correct. The bus tags should remain on your child’s backpack. This information is important. Your child may have a substitute teacher or bus driver.

Back packs – Please have your child bring a backpack each day. The backpack should be large enough to hold a folder, projects, and a lunchbox. These bags are extremely helpful in making sure important letters and projects reach their destination. Be sure the bag can be used independently.

Parent Drop off- The students will need to wait outside the front of the school until it is opened for students at 9:25.  School does not start until 9:40am.

Parent Pick-up at the end of the day-Follow the school wide directions for picking up your child at the end of the day at the Parent Pick-Up area.  This is located at the end of the bus line to the corner.  There is a sign that is posted for the pick-up area.

The best way to contact me is to write a note or to e-mail (NOT BUS ISSUES) me at:

diane.colonga@mpls.k12.mn.us There is also a link on the Lake Harriet School website.

I try to read my e-mail before school, but 2,3, or 4 mornings a week I am in meetings and many times they do not end until the busses are arriving (School doors open at 9:35. School starts are 9:40.  If I do not get a chance before school to read my e-mail. I try while my students are at the specialist or in the evening when I am at home (If it’s a Friday, I may not read it until Sun night). Many times during my specialist time, I may have a meeting scheduled, I am setting up for learning experiences for later in the day, or reviewing/correcting student work, and may not have time to read my e-mail until later at night. So if you need to let me know something for that day, please send a note with your child. Thanks so much!