Dance Class


3/22 (week 25):
Today I reminded the students that everyone must turn in their Dance Journal at the end of class next week Thursday March 29th.  This is the last day of the 3rd Quarter.  Please see the "Dance Journal 3rd Quarter" document for a list of all entries that should be in your journal.


2/15 (week 19):
Please find the list of Dances for 2nd Semester at the bottom of this page.  Students will need to choose a topic from one or more of these dances if they plan to complete Project B or Project C.  Also, a reminder:  Any student planning to lead a Dance Warm-Up (Project A) must email Mr. Selle their plan (including what music they're planning to use) before the class period in which they lead the warm-up.  


1/18 (week 16):
Remember that all work for Quarter 2 must be turned in by the end of the day on Wednesday (1/24) to receive credit.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Mr. Selle, he will be available in his office (room 107) during the following times:  

 • Monday (1/22) during lunch/recess, or after school 
 • Wednesday (1/24) before school, during advisory, during recess, or after school

1/11 (week 15):
Happy New Year!  Remember that the Dance Journals must be turned in after class next week (1/18) to be graded for the 2nd quarter.  For a complete list of entries that must be included in your dance journal, please refer to the PDF at the bottom of this page ("Dance Journal Entries Quarter 2").  Also, if you have chosen to complete Project E: Dance Recital Review, but were unable to see a live performance over Winter Break, there are two options for YouTube videos to view.  Please refer to the PDF at the bottom of the page ("Project E - YouTube Videos).  


12/14 (week 13):
We had a fun time learning the Cha Cha Slide.  Well done, students!  Please remember to complete and hand in your Class Projects Planning Form by next week Thursday.  Also, a reminder that if any student is absent for a class, it is your responsibility to meet with Mr. Selle or email him about what you missed.  There are required dance journal entries every day in class!


11/16 (week 10):
Nice job learning our new dance today:  Sir Roger de Coverly.  Please rememeber to return your Class Projects Planning Form by next class period.  Also, there are a lot of Class Presentations scheduled for the next month - be sure to double check what date you signed up to present, and email Mr. Selle if you have any questions.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


11/9 (week 9):
Each student was given a Class Projects Planning Form (you can find a copy of this form at the bottom of the "Projects" page on this website) – they are to explain which projects they plan to complete this semester.  If you are planning to lead a Dance Warm-Up (Project A) or give a Class Presentation (Project C), you must sign up for a date that you will present in class.  Please contact Mr. Selle if you need to change the date you have already signed up for (you must talk with him before the day of if you want to change).  


10/26 (week 8):
Congratulations, students, on a job well done for first quarter!  Please see the "Projects" section of this website to review all the requirements that we've talked about in class for the first semester Class Projects.  Remember, you only have to complete 4 out of 5 projects to be eligible for an A in the course. 


10/5 (week 6):
Today I reminded the students that everyone must turn in their Dance Journal at the end of class on Thursday Oct. 26th.  This is the last day of the 1st Quarter.  Please see the "Dance Journal 1st Quarter" document for a list of all entries that should be in your journal.


9/28 (week 5):
Students began to sign up for class projects B and C in class today.  Please see "Project B+C sign up" for a list of dances and countries that could be the topic of your project(s).


9/21 (week 4):
Thanks for reading the syllabus and submitting the Google Form!  Today I demonstrated an example of what Project B (audio/visual presentation) might look like.  Ask your students about the dance "Pata Pata" that they've been learning.  It's a lot of fun!  My goal is to post a private video (can only be accessed by students and parents) on the mpls website.  Stay tuned for more details.  


9/14 (week 3):
Today students signed up for Project A - Dance Warm-Ups.  Please read the description on the Projects section of this website.  You can also see a copy of the Project A Sign Up Sheet (click on the link below) to see when you are scheduled to present your Dance Warm-up.


9/7 (week 2):
I passed out the syllabus for the 8th Grade Dance Class on during the second week of class (9/7).  I've asked that all students read the syllabus and show it to their parents.  You can find the syllabus by clicking on the link below or going to the Syllabus section of the website.  Please use the Google Form (click on this link) to electronically "sign" the syllabus - both students and parents.  I will be posting regular updates to this page of the Class Website.  I may also utilize the MPS itslearning website to post videos and other items for the course. I'm new to the district this year and have not yet received training on how to use the website software; thank you for your pateience as I continue to learn!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have:  Thank you, and I'm looking forward to this school year!




PDF Syllabus (updated)   --  This is the newest version of the syllabus.
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