Classroom Wish List
Our classroom is constantly growing and is always looking for items!
If you are looking to contribute to our classroom, please check the list below for something(s) you can donate or supply. We also have an official Wish List at the Lakeshore Learning store located at the Shops at West End, which has many fun tools, games, and toys that our room would enjoy:

Color Printer ink! (LHCS does not have color printing and in kindergarten we like things around our room bright and fun!)---hp 60 in Tri-Color

Expo Whiteboard markers--thick and thin

Basic, brown clipboards--large and small

White and colored card stock

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

3M Easy-Remove hooks and adhesives

Art supplies to stock our room (sequins, google eyes, pipe cleaners, white Elmers liquid glue, pom-poms,  shaving cream, paper plates (large and small), straws, felt, foam sheets, etc.)

Velcro dots

Magnetic dots

Watercolor paint sets

Printable return address labels (quick and easy for name tags, projects, supplies, organization, etc)