Classroom Placement Input Form

It is our desire to best meet the needs of each child at Lake Harriet Community School. Therefore, families will be invited to share information about their child’s physical needs, social/emotional issues and/or medical concerns. This information will be considered along with a number of other factors when assigning students to a classroom. These factors for each classroom include boy/girl ratio, racial/ethnic ratio, maintaining a spread of achievement ranges, balance of students receiving special education services, and patterns of student social interaction.

PLEASE DO SO BY FRIDAY, April 22, 2016

Please be timely in returning this form as it takes many hours to classify students into classrooms. 
Paper forms will be available in the school offices or you can print one out (link at bottom of page).

Other notes:

  • Please remember, this form is not a request for a teacher. It is to inform us about your child’s learning style and to share information about your child with next year's teacher.
  • This process is for students entering grades 1-5. This process does not pertain to incoming kindergarteners or middle schoolers, as it really does not work well with the middle grades computer system for schedules.
  • For twins, please fill out one for each child.
  • Please remember that all of our teachers are highly qualified and bring a unique set of skills and interests to their work.