Be polite. Be prepared. Be productive.

Classroom Expectations, Mr. Wood, Lake Harriet Community School


Be polite.


Students are expected to sit in their assigned seats, to respect others, and to follow the teacher’s directions.  Inappropriate and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and can lead to a seating change, detention, removal from class, or other consequences.  Treat each other with respect and respect each other’s access to learning.  Be respectful during student presentations.  The use of personal electronics and phones are impolite distractions that disrupt learning in the classroom and such disruptions will not be tolerated.  It is impolite to wear hats in the classroom, so hats should be removed and/or left in one’s locker. Students will be expected to use language appropriate to an academic environment.  Any language that could make another person feel uncomfortable or unsafe will not be tolerated


There will be no passes given the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of any class.  Be respectful if you need to ask for a pass and do not interrupt the teacher or a student presentation. Only one student can be gone on a pass at a time.  Be considerate of your classmates.  If you are gone too long, you will lose your pass privileges.


Be prepared.


Be here and be here on time.  You are expected to come to class every day.  Many of the activities and projects we will be doing involve classroom participation, group work, and discussion which cannot be made up at home.  Don’t miss out on important learning activities.  Don’t let your grades slip.  And don’t let your classmates down in group work.  School policy will be followed for tardies.  If your tardy should be excused, you must have a pass. 


Bring your class materials.  You are expected to bring your materials to all of your classes.  For each period you should have with you:

               (1) YOUR BINDER              (2) A FOLDER FOR SOCIAL STUDIES IN THE BINDER             (3) NOTEBOOK  PAPER IN THE BINDER                  (4) A PEN OR PENCIL


Do your work for class and make up any work you miss.  Be prepared for your tests and quizzes.  Be prepared to turn your work in on time.  Be prepared to do your group presentation.  And do your make-up work – It is your responsibility to get any work you miss due to an absence.  You will then have two days to make up your work.


Be productive.


Be ready to start class on time and to make good use of class time.  Learning cannot happen without the active engagement of the learner.  Every student is expected to learn and every student is expected to work and to participate in the learning activities.  Work with others.  Help others, and ask for help when you need it.


Leave your food, beverages, hats, electronics, and phones somewhere else.  Focus on the tasks at hand.  Refusing to work or sleeping in class will result in phone calls home, detentions, and/or meetings with parents.