A214- 12/20/2018

Dear Third Grade Families,


Thank you tonight 12/20 ! 


Thank you for allowing me to learn  and grow with your most amazing and wonderful children! What a beautiful job they did for the Wax Museum. It was quite a learning experience for all- especially  developing more stamina, developing research skills, writing, editing, speech writing, math/measurement skills when mounting their framed pictures, and greater fluency as they delivered their speeches.  The students  bravely overcame any nervousness when delivering  their speeches. I am so proud of their effort, bravery,  growth mindset, and overall improved literacy skills! 


Today's Third Grade Winter Music Concert  in the gym auditorium was so touching and sweet. Beautiful voices and music. What a holiday gift to us all. Bravo to your children.  



Tonight I opened your kind gift. Thank you for your most generous gift of delicious jams, the delicate orchid, and money! Wow! I am humbled. Thank you!  Thank you! 


Tonight, your child received a little holiday gift from me- a  Who Was  book just all about them in honor of all their work and learning  this year. A gift they can have for ever and ever.  I  also encouraged the children to do some research about their home state as well as edit any spelling 😃.


Tomorrow we will have a "regular day" with  letter writing along with science activities centered around our Energy and Matter Science unit.


Have a good evening and take care,


Susan Saly


3rd Grade
Lake Harriet Lower Campus School
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.
Chinese proverb

2018 Wax Museum History Project for 2018 is now finished! Thank you for all your support!


Below is a copy of what the students will be working on with their History Maker Biographies (Wax Museum Project).   Feel free to bring in more books to class as well as read online, watch video clips, watch appropriate movies, etc... about your person at home! We will take this step by step! Note the changed dates due to needing more time to complete our quality History Maker Project. Most  work will done in class. Students must use their time well in class!


I will let you know if your child needs to work on anything at home.  Students can always work at home to catch up! Otherwise they will complete most of the work here at school.  The one item they do need to do at home is find 5 to 7 pictures relating of their person and print them.  Then they should bring them to school.  The sooner the better.  That way they can write their captions and mount them on the paper. Please, no bigger than  5X 7 or 6 X 8 so the pictures can fit on the board and no smaller than 3 x 4. 


Students have this in their Wax Museum Folder at school: 


Name___________________________________ History Maker: _____________________


History Makers: How did I (the person you are studying) make the world a better place?   You should be able to answer this question when you are done!!!


Check off (Teacher’s initials) as each step is complete.


Here are the Wax Museum Steps (Pacing Schedule) during Literacy block:

You can always work ahead!


__X___Step 1: Choose your History Maker by 10/22. Keep notes in your project folder (To be handed out 10/22)


X_____Step 2: Completely read your biography by November 1st. (Yes! Bring in more books to class as well as read online, watch video clips, watch appropriate movies, etc... about your person at home! Gather as many facts/information as you can).


___X__Step 3: Complete note taking for Birth & Growing Up Years/Education (2 Worksheets) by November 9th. Remember -10 Facts Needed For Each- They should not be in complete sentences.  See examples below:

1. Born 8/13/1792

2. 1st home Baton Rouge, LA


__X__Step 4: Complete note taking for Accomplishments/ Later Years (and Death )-  Remember -10 Facts Needed For Each- They should not be in complete sentences. Due by November 20.     IB (International Baccalaureate Profiles and Attitudes of Scholars) --Give examples in your History Maker's life when they were knowledgeable, caring, balanced, etc... Your child will need to  review their notes and reading to give examples by November 20th.  (3 Worksheets).


__X___Step 5: Begin writing the speech Rough Draft using notes in chronological order. A paragraph (at least 7 facts) from each sheet. Rough Draft due by November 28th. Use your time well in class!


___X__Step 6: Edit and FINAL DRAFT November 30th. Use your time well in class!


4 Paragraphs  with topic sentences and details for the rough draft:

Hi, my name is___________.

Paragraph 1- Birth and Growing Up Years

Paragraph 2- Education

Paragraph 3-Later Years and Death

Paragraph 4- Accomplishments

Paragragh 5- IB Profiles- Can be a separate paragraph

I showed caring when I ....


Include, as best you can throughout your speech, examples of when your History Maker showed ten IB attitudes and profiles. Example: (Childhood and Growing Up Years)  **** showed caring  and empathy when she took the time to describe what she saw with detailed and descriptive language to her blind sister.   We are helping each other with this piece. It really helps your child make  a  deeper connection to their History Maker as they learn more vocabulary.

Include a concluding sentence: I made the world a better place by...

Self-edit and then peer-edit with at least two peers. (We are using a detailed checklist in class)


____X_Step 7: Assemble your Presentation Boards due by December 12th. We have the boards so no need to buy! Assemble your Presentation Boards (in class!) We are cutting out our pictures and adding colorful boarders to our pictures, adding captions, making a title, and adding our beautiful drawing (from art) of our History Maker to our boards.


___X__Step 8: Wax Museum Celebration! Please bring all your costume pieces to school to get dressed up as your history maker! Invite your parents and family!


Location and date:

December 19th at 3:00 p.m. - 3:50 p.m. in the LHLC Lunchroom



Wax Museum:  A  research source  (LHLC renewed license!) could include  Brainpop! Thank you, P.T.A!


Go to Brainpop.com


For exampleKing Tut could be viewed under Egyptian Pharaohs. Use the search bar. There is a little information about King Tut (3:27) in the video. Pause the video when needed to write notes. Feel free to assist with spelling if necessary. 


Ongoing: Math graphing  for the 3 minutes + and - facts  timings is ongoing and we will eventually transition to multiplication and division facts later in the year. 


This year your child has been using Lexia® Core5® Reading, a fun computer-based individualized program that has helped millions of students. The activities in Core5 support and build on our classroom curriculum and focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works: 


● Your child began Core5 at a starting point that fit his or her needs and works in online activities throughout the week. 


● Online activities include direct instruction and feedback as your child learns new skills.


● Progress and performance in the program is reported so teachers can provide help when needed.


● Paper-and-pencil activities may also used for practice and may be done in school or brought home for extra practice.


● Achievement certificates may be sent home to celebrate success and to show progress in the program. We hope you share in our excitement about this program! 


Stay warm,


Susan Saly
3rd Grade
Lake Harriet Lower Campus School