Class Book
Book Page Instructions
Book Page Instructions
We will continue to work on our class book pages.  Below are the prompts selected by each class (they are also attached, but not separated by block).  
The final copies of the pages are due on Thursday, January 26th.  We will work
Assemble Your Dream Team
on final copies in class this week.
Book Order Forms are due Thursday, January 26th.  If you are not purchasing a book, please send the form with
Perfect Bedroom
the "NO" box checked (bottom of the order form) so we can get a class book for our library.
‪Block 1: ‬
1. Dream Team: explain why the people picked are on your dream team
2. Draw a monster. Write a plausible backstory
for the monster that makes it a sympathetic character.
3. If you could have any fictional character as a best friend, who would you choose?  Why?  What would that be like?
Block 2:
1. Describe your future robot servant: Imagine
Fictional Best Friend
Fictional Best Friend
a future in which we each have a personalized robot servant.  What would yours be like?  What would it do?  What would it be like?  What would it talk like?  What features would it have?
2. Dream Team: explain why the people picked are on your dream team
Future Robot Servant
Future Robot Servant
3. Design and describe the perfect bedroom
The written responses CAN be typed and printed as long as it is on regular copy paper, not thicker paper (they will be sent back by the publisher if the paper is too thick).