Bushels of Gratitude
Monday, October 17, 2011 12:25 PM


I am really grateful for the parents, students and staff of Lake Harriet Lower Campus.  We had a two successful weeks of colors.  It isn’t always easy to find a particular color.  I had difficulty finding yellow and purple clothes that were weather appropriate.  It was wonderful how many students and staff participated.  It made the whole school feel like a community and not a building full of classrooms.  Thanks for the extra effort it took.


Thank you to the parents of PTA.  During our three evening conferences, parents of our PTA brought our staff delicious food for a light dinner.  They provided a nice break in the day for the staff and helped us switch gears from teaching to conferences.  You will never truly know what that meant to us.


Thank you to the parents who were able to participate in the parent/teacher conferences.  We value you as partners in your child’s education.  My door is always opened to listen to your concerns and joys and to partner with you.  I am continually overwhelmed by what you do for our school.

Jan Parrish, Lower Campus