Week 1

Monday, August 28

Intro:                Me llamo Sra. Sparks

Group:             What did you understand?  (share out)

Tables:             HOW did you understand?  (share)

Review:           Our responsabilities

                        MINE- make sure you understand

                        YOURS- pay attention; let me know when you don’t understand

Q & A:             ¿Cómo te llamas?                     Me llamo…

                        ¿Cómo estás?                           Estoy…

                        ¿Qué te gusta hacer?                 Me gusta bailar.

Classwork:      Get to know you BINGO


Tuesday, August 29

Warm-up:         Complete Questionnaire (back of BINGO)

Discuss:            Student Resource Center (school supplies)

                        Homework Board/Calendar & Website

                        Binder Organization

                        Spanish Prompts

                        Classroom Routines

Classwork:      Interview 3 different classmates (with Questionnaire)

                        Collect 5 different facts/classmate; record w/full sentences

Homework:     Choose 1 of your interviewees

                        Write out their findings in Spanish on the reverse of the Interview Sheet

                        DUE:  Wednesday, August 30

Wednesday, August 30

Warm-up:         ¿Cuál es tu… nombre? ¿Color favorito?  ¿Película favorita?  ¿Deporte favorito?

                        Respond & explain “why?”

Notes:              Rules for using Adjectives & Possession

Tables:             Read your “Interview” paragraph- guess who!

Q & A:              Using the translated BINGO questions, share BINGO findings

        ¿Quién leyó todos los libros de Harry Potter? 

TURN IN:       BINGO/Questionnaire & Interviews (English/Spanish)

Thursday, August 31- Check Out Textbooks

Warm-up:         Los Tomates questions (discuss orally with partner)

Vocab:             Palito, tirar, agarrar, tomate

Read:               La Tomatina (palomitas de maíz)

Groups:            Decode & complete fill in the blank

Homework:     Write a description of yourself on the small red paper

                        Watch a “La Tomatina” video on Youtube

Friday, September 1

Warm-up:         ¿Adónde te gustaría viajar?  ¿Por qué?

Video:              La Tomatina

Review:           Map of Spain, Valencia, Buñol

Read:               La Tomatina (English)

Group:             ¡Lucha de tomates! 

Q & A:             Find the person who fits the “description” (red paper)

Present:           Present your partner (red) and the person to your left

Homework:     Choose a Spanish name for class

                        DUE:  Tuesday, September 5