Week 30


Monday, April 10- 4th Quarter Begins

Warm-up:        What did you do over spring break?- Find 2 events in common

Classwork:    Survey- Post Spring Break (English, Spanish, Spanglish)

                         Interview & add an extra detail

Group:             ¿Quién…visita otro país?  Respond adding an extra detail


Tuesday, April 11

Intro:              Chapter 2B

          -classroom objects

         -singular/plural nouns & definite/indefinite articles

         -¿Hay? & Hay

         -¿Dónde está…?

         -Prepositions of Place

Song:                Izquierda/Derecha…

Homework:    Practice new song & memorize

Wednesday, April 12- 7th Grade Field Trip for some students (Ms. Hansen)

Song:                Izquierda/Derecha…

Listening:         En la clase- listen, fill in vocab, point (to classroom objects)

Tables:             Identify all of the forms of “estar” that can be found in the song

Notes:              Conjugate “estar”= to be (feelings, condition, location)

                        Estoy, estás, está, estamos, estais, están

Classwork:    Create a song to remember which pronouns go with the forms of “estar”  

                        Point &/or move to express location

                        PRESENT:  Thursday, April 13

Thursday, April 13

Song:                Izquierda/Derecha… ¿Qué hay en la sala de clases?

Group:              ¿Hay un escritorio?  ¿Hay unas ventanas?  ¿Hay unos carteles?

Practice:          Guided Practice 2B-3/4 (definite & indefinite articles- singular/plural)

Practice:          Explain what “there is” in the classroom/Partner points to object(s)

Video:             Gramactiva (def./indef. pronouns & “estar”)

Tables:             Guided Practice 2B-1/2 (estar)

Classwork:    Share “estar” song ideas with partners


Friday, April 14- 3rd Quarter Assembly (shorter class)

Classwork:    Practice “estar” song & dance

Present:         “Estar” Song

Homework:    Memorize “estar” song & dance for extra credit

                          Present on Monday, April 17