An SEA’s Top Ten Reasons to be GRATEFUL at Lake Harriet Community School, Upper Campus
Monday, May 14, 2012 6:15 AM


By Julie Tweit Special Education Assistant (SEA)

#10. Music often greets us when we enter the building. I love to hear the jazz band, school choir, or a group of students taking turns around the grand piano in the hall.

#9. Pat’s smile and warm welcome to the lunchroom triumphs over the automatic “Thank you” when a student enters their PIN.

#8. School spirit shows not only in the pride students take in wearing Dragon gear, but also in the teamwork and drive for excellence evident on and off the field. When an announcement is made about a student’s achievement in any area, genuine appreciation for the accomplishment rings out in applause, smiles, and high fives for their classmates. We celebrate our school! When one member succeeds, we all succeed.

#7. Because Paula’s arm around your shoulder feels great anytime you enter the Principal’s office.

#6. When you do visit Ms. Rynchek in her office, the meeting always brings positive results.

#5. The student body’s positive attitude can be witnessed in the hall, in the gym, in class, at recess, …in other words, everywhere! I once started to clean one of the desk tops before class began. In an instant, a student asked to help, then another. Soon the whole room sparkled and what would have been a large chore for one person became an easy and pleasurable task for the group.

#4. Each time you take a break in Room 206, Shari offers you gum or tic tacs.

#3. Kindness and respect are shown in myriad ways big and small every day by individual students. Examples include: offering help to a fellow classmate on a confusing assignment, waiting with a smile when someone beats you to the door, including someone new in your game, being active audience members when other students perform, etc.

#2. I have the privilege of calling all the talented, dedicated and fun educators in this school my colleagues.


And finally, the Number 1 Reason to be grateful for LHCS-Upper:


#1. Even though I am technically NOT a student, I still learn something new every day. Sincerely, Julie Tweit, SEA Lake Harriet Community School, Upper Campus