Pyramus and Thisbe TOW due Mon. Nov. 28  student can do only five comments if needed

Journal: Students with IEP's or 504 plans will have individual expectations designed to meet his or her specific needs.  We journal Tuesdays and Thursdays  If students have not completed this work in class , he or she will need to work on writing at home.  I usually have a journal prompt for them to use as a topic, but students may also choose to write about something else of their preference. Students should be using complete sentences, indenting paragraphs, and end punctuation.

Grammar HW: Grammar is given out on Monday and is due Friday.  Students are welcome to ask questions about grammar homework on Tuesdays.  The expectation is that students try to do their best work and to hand in homework on time.


Spark Vocabulary Words:   8th grade students will get a new vocabulary word each day (usually a total of five each week).  Spark tests can be modified as needed per students' needs.  7th grade will have spelling tests each week.  Those will also be modified by the resource teacher and me per students' individual needs.