A Message About the Talent Development Program
Monday, September 12, 2011 11:00 AM


Minneapolis Public Schools is implementing a new district wide model this year that will ensure talent development opportunities for all students (K-5) and provide appropriate challenge for students with advanced learning needs. 


As we implement the Levels of Service model, our schools will be planning unique and important ways to differentiate instruction and develop talent within the classroom, across the school and in partnership with the community.  The levels of service for our most advanced learners will focus on providing greater depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration to their daily core curriculum. MPS will be providing schools with ongoing professional development and support for teachers and staff to better recognize and nurture students’ strengths, talents and sustained interests. 


In addition, MPS will be phasing in a new district wide assessment/identification system which will help us identify the most appropriate level of service for each student.  MPS is committed to helping all students recognize and develop their talents as well as demonstrate significant learning progress as a result of appropriately challenging enrichment and advanced-level learning opportunities.  As we develop our site plan, we will keep you informed about our process and ways you can provide feedback and support.


Melanie Crawford

Coordinator of Talent Development MPS