A Day in the Life of a Room 109 Student
Choice Reading with a partner

This was written by 2012's children as a 1st person narrative in Shared Writing, but you will still find value in reading it.  Just remember that the schedule has changed. I've tweaked a few things to remain current! (2018)


I wait outside until the 9:25 bell rings.  Ms. Lyga Jones opens the door.  “Come

on in,” she says in a nice, quiet voice.  I put my folder in the Golden Folder Holder, hang up my backpack and put my lunchbox on the silver bench below my backpack.  Next, I do Choice Reading or Choice Work.  This is when I can read a book at any level or work on any work I need to get done.  I might Partner Read the book with someone. Then, Ms. Lyga
Choice Reading with a partner
Jones rings a bell, and we all say “Good Morning” to each other.  Then we stand around the back table and greet each other at Morning Meeting.  We use the microphone to greet the person to our left and right.

After that, we move over to the front meeting area for Calendar Math.  We cover the calendar, schedule, days of school , review money, share
Sharing Research

Next, I have Social Skills or Phonics as we start ELA (English Language Arts) using the new Benchmark curiculum.  We have Reading Groups, too. I get out my Reading Response Journal and read books at my level.  I also might be working on my writing piece.  I might see Mr. Frommelt or Ms. Lyga Jones for my reading group.

At 11:25, we go to Specialist until


Then we come back and wither finish ELA or do Quick Images for math.  

Lunch is at 12:45.  Then we come back, get ready for recess and go outside.  When we come in we have Snack and Chat.  I love this time to eat and chat with friends!

Then we have Math Groups.  We rotate 3 times.  I work with my teacher, work alone at my seat on my work,

and work on DreamBox on the ipad.

After math, we do Go Noodle to get our wiggles out.

Next is either Social Studies or Science.

On Fridays, we have STEAM!  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Technology.  We get STEAM time when we turn in all our work and pass Inspection.  Inspection is when our desks have to be as neat

Science includes many writing opportunities.
as can be. 

Then, Get Ready Routine.  This is when we get our mail, put it in our folders, and then put that in our backpacks.  We all sit down, make sure the room is picked up and then line up in order and leave.  Mr. Frommelt or Ms. Sandy will take us out because it’s hard for Ms. Lyga Jones to walk fast and far.  She takes the first graders down
STEAM - Building and Testing Vehicles
to after school activites using her wheelchair.

Now you know how my day starts and ends and everything in between.  It’s fun!

Teacher’s Note: The students really loved sharing their day.  I hope this helps you to understand some of the terms and routines that we have worked to establish with your child.