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Diane Weiher
Room 214
e-mail: (Preferred contact method!!)

  • Scholastic Book Orders - If you prefer to order online, my class code is LNKQT.  You can order from any of the catalogues at any grade level! :-)  


  • Animal Lover?  Consider making a donation towards Ms. Weiher's
    web counter free
    "Feed the Geckos" fund!  They are always appreciated!  If you would prefer purchasing crickets instead, that would also be GREATLY appreciated! 
  • LOVE TO PAINT? I have a large wooden cabinet that could greatly use a touch-up to cover up some of the dings and chips it has experienced over its long life in Minneapolis Public Schools.  See Ms Weiher, if this sounds up your alley!  I have no expectations of perfection; I would just like it to have a little face lift! 
  • Want to pet sit over a school break or the summer?  Our two geckos, Hermoine and Harriet, would LOVE to come visit your home!  Please contact Ms Weiher to set this up!