Volunteer Opportunities
Monday, November 10, 2008 10:50 PM

Please visit the LHCS website (click on Volunteering) or call the contact person to learn more about the below opportunities.

Recruiting Notice for the 2009 LHCS Carnival. We are in need of chairs and cochairs to head carnival subcommittees in these two areas: Corporate Sponsors and Publicity. The spring carnival is a great event that is set for April 24th, 2009. We will have games, food, rides, a costume contest, and all kinds of fun! The time commitment is very manageable, with only four planning meetings before the event. The Carnival is a memory-making event and we would love to have your talents in these positions. There will be other volunteer opportunities throughout the year, but at this time we need to fill these key seats. Thank you. Contact: Elizabeth Lindholm, Carnival Chair (le829@live.com, 370-4948).

Join the LHCS Green Team. Organics recycling is coming to the LHCS Upper Campus! We need help launching the program and working with kids as they learn to separate organics from the rest of their lunch trash. “Green” parents who can assist with promotion and education should contact Keren Price (kprice@pro-ns.net, 926-8618) or Fred Mayer (fred@carlsonmeyer.net, 929-2030). This will be a fun and easy project that will have a real, positive impact on both our kids and our planet!

Junior Great Books: Volunteers are needed to lead small discussion groups for the Jr. Great Books program for grades 1-5. Discussion groups take place before school at the LC and during lunch/recess at the UC. They will meet once per week for approximately ten weeks starting in January. Contact: Liz McGillivary (emcgillivary@comcast.net, 925-8603).

6th Grade Invention Fair Judges: Volunteers are still needed on Wednesday, November 19th to listen to 6th grade presentations at the Invention/Science Fair, fill out an evaluation form for each, and list the top projects. Parents will not judge their own child’s project. The time is 1:00- 2:45pm. Contact: Diane Weiher (diane.weiher@mpls.k12.mn.us, 692-0889).

LHCS Day at the Bakken Museum: Volunteers are needed to greet LHCS families coming to the museum for LHCS Celebration Day on Saturday, Nov 22nd. Shifts are available from 10:00am-4:00pm. Contact: Peggy Whisler (lhcsvolunteer@netzero.net, 925-9160).

PTA Treasurer-Elect: The PTA is looking for a Treasurer-Elect for the remainder of the 2008-2009 school year. This person would be responsible for learning the job of handling the PTA’s $125,000 budget for 2009-10. Contact: Meredith Young (meredithmpls@comcast.net, 922-8638).