Volunteer Opportunities
Monday, October 13, 2008 10:40 PM

Please visit the LHCS website (click on Volunteering) or call the listed contact person to learn more about the below opportunities.

Innisbrook Unloading and Sorting. 
Volunteers are needed to help unload and sort Innisbrook orders in the UC gym from 10:00am-noon on Thursday, November 6th. Contact: Ann Harrington (anndelight@yahoo. com, 925-0892).

Innisbrook Distribution.
Help is needed to distribute Innisbrook orders in the UC gym after school on Thursday, November 6th. Shifts are available from 3:45-8:00pm. Contact: Ann Harrington (anndelight@yahoo.com, 925-0892).

6th Grade Invention Fair Judges.
Please consider volunteering from 1:00-2:45pm at the UC on Wednesday, November 19th. You will listen to 6th-grade presentations at the Invention/Science Fair. Contact: Diane Weiher (diane.weiher@mpls.k12.mn.us, 692-0889).

LHCS Day at the Bakken Museum.
Volunteers are needed to greet LHCS families coming to the Bakken Museum on LHCS Celebration Day, Saturday, November 22nd. Shifts are available from 10:00am-4:00pm. Contact: Peggy Whisler (lhcsvolunteer@netzero.net, 925-9160).

Carnival Chairperson(s).
The LHCS Spring Carnival urgently needs someone to lead the Carnival in 2008-09. As Chairperson(s), you will oversee various aspects of this welldocumented and well-oiled event. Contact: Blaire Hartley (blaire_hartley@yahoo.com, 928-8985).

PTA President Elect.
This position is a yearlong commitment. You would act as an aide to the president, assist in PTA events, and learn the duties of the president for the 2009-2010 school year. Contact: Meredith Young (meredithmpls@comcast.net, 922-8638).