Volunteer Opportunities
Monday, October 15, 2007 9:55 PM

Innisbrook Unloading and Distribution. Volunteers are needed during various shifts on Wednesday, October 24 to unload, sort and distribute Innisbrook orders. Help is especially needed at the end of the school day. See school website for shifts and details or contact Patrice Kaye at patricekaye@msn.com/ 926-4257 or Tricia Marden at triciamarden@yahoo.com/ 929-2438.

Patrol Manager. Help motivate the patrols by occasionally providing incentives (e.g. beverages) before and/or after school at the UC.

6th Grade Invention Fair Judges. Volunteers needed Wednesday, Nov. 7, from noon to 2pm, to judge the 6th Grade inventions. You will listen to presentations, fill out evaluations and list the top projects. Parents of all grades are invited to judge. Parents will NOT judge their child’s project.

LHCS Day at the Bakken Museum. Volunteers are needed to greet LHCS families to the Bakken Museum for "LHCS Celebration Day" on Saturday, November 10.

For more details or to sign up for any volunteer opportunities go to the school webpage at www.LHCSvolunteer.com or contact Sandy Jackson at 929-2881 or rsnnjackson@msn.com  Thanks!!