The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test Starts Sept. 23
Monday, September 21, 2009 9:55 PM

The Minneapolis Public School District requires that the MAP test be given in the fall and winter to all students in second through eighth grades. Schools can opt out of the spring MAP because of required MCA testing for the state. As with other formal assessments, individual exemptions are available for specific students on IEPs as well as for very recent ELL students.

 Advantages of the MAP:

  • Each student receives a different test.
  • MAP focuses on every child’s individual growth and achievement.
  • MAP adapts to each student’s ability.
  • MAP measures academic growth over time.
  • Results are provided the following day.

 The MAP will be administered to grades 2-5 starting Sept. 23 and will be completed in time for families to get results at conferences.