Take Your Child to Work Day
Thursday, April 26, 2007 1:50 PM

A national program called Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day has been scheduled for Thursday, April 26. Though Minneapolis Public Schools appreciates the efforts made by the Ms. Foundation for Women, the district does not endorse students missing school for this activity. There are numerous non-school days during the year and more than two months in the summer that students do not attend school. School breaks make it possible for parents to have their daughters and sons join them at their workplace without missing school on a day of learning. Minneapolis Public Schools encourages families to participate in this activity on a non-school day. If parents do chose to participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, April 26, the absence will be recorded as unexcused, unless the absence was arranged in advance and approved in writing by the principal. Students who have not been excused from attendance may not have the option of making up classwork. The Board of Education has adopted Regulation 5100A, based on state law, regarding absences. Click on http://www.mpls.k12.mn.us to read more about the district's policy on absences.