I am not sure yet how much Social Studies homework there will be this year.  It is a new curriculum, so stay tuned. 

I will do these three regular assignments.  They are Geography A - Z and Where in the world... and Geo Bee.

They are given on Monday and due the following Friday except Geo Bee which I will give on Fridays.

Name Chase is a daily adventure.  I will be giving a clue every day about a famous American.  There is only one correct answer for the week.  The clues get more specific each day. Students are only allowed to check their answer once a day.  They earn points aka. slips when they get the correct answer.  The sooner they are correct the more points they earn.

Where in the World... and Name Chase clues will be posted on the web page just in case its needed.


Good luck looking for the answers to the questions.