Research & Primary Source Resources

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Minneapolis Labor Review Archives  ***Excellent for Minnesota labor topics such as Willmar 8, Reserve Mining, or MFT Strike

Public Libraries 
Hennepin County Library    Minnesota History Center Library     University of Minnesota Library

Primary Source Links   

Library of Congress

National Archives

American HIstory
Repositories of Primary Sources:
Yale Law School Avalon Project:
Harvard University Open Collection:
Famous Trials UMKC Law School:
American Journeys:
Accounts of Early American Exploration:

World History
Euro Docs:
A Short History of the World:

Primary Sources: News Links for Present & Past Stories:
National Public Radio:
Library of Congress -- Historic American Newspapers:
Minnesota Public Radio:
New York Times:
New York Times Archives:
Star Tribune:
Washington Post:
Time Magazine Archives: Magazine
Time for Kids:
Minnesota Historical Society Newspaper Database:
Listing of Minnesota Newspapers:

Secondary & Tertiary Sources -- Online Encyclopedias
Yahoo Encyclopedia:
Encyclopedia Britannica:
World Book Classic 1911 Encyclopedia:
World Book Online:

Minnesota History
Minnesota Historical Society:
Minnesota Historical Society History for Minnesota topics:
Minnesota Historical Society GLBT Collection with documents  from the early 1970's:
Minnesota Historical Photography Resources and Data Base:
History of Minnesota:
Minnesota Public Radio:

U.S. History
History Matters: . History and Primary Sources
American Memory (Library of Congress):
America's Story (Library of Congress):
Smithsonian National Museum of American History:
Museum of Broadcast Communications (Great for Edward R. Murrow)
Academy of Achievement: Biographies of extraordinary leaders and thinkers who shaped our world.
History Channel Speeches, videos, science, technology, history, etc.
Culture Gram: Learn about different Cultures, Countries and States:
PBS History Site:
Our Documents, In Primary Sources also:
The National Archives:
Baseball Almanac:

World History
World War I Links: War II Timeline:
Hyper History:
World History Compass:
World History 101:
Marco History:
History Channel World History:
Women in World History:
ALA World History Sites for Kids:
World History -- Primary Source Archives, Bartleby: Links to Hiroshima:

Jewish History and Holocaust and Studies
Museum of Jewish Heritage:
Center for Jewish History:
Virtual Jewish Museum:
Virtual Israel Experience:
American Jewish Historical Society:
LA Museum of the Holocaust:
Yad  Vashem:
USC Shoah Foundation:
United States Holocaust Museum:
White Rose Resistance Movement:
Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance:

Women's History
Gift of Speech:  Women's Speeches from Around the World: Women's History Project. Has Suffrage Movement information:
PBS: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony:
National Women's History Museum:
American Women's History: A Research Guide:
Internet Women's History Source Book:
American Women's History, Finding Primary Sources:
National Women's Hall of Fame:
About: Biographies, Quotes and Suffrage Movement:

African American History
Notable African American Women:
African American Odyssey:
African American Women, Duke University:
African American World:
The African American Registry:
About African American History:

Science, Math, and Medicine
Dr. Math:
Mad Science Network, Live Scientists Answering Your Questions Online 24/7:
National Science Foundation:
Cyber Sleuth on Science:
Science Daily:
Web List of Science and Math sties:
Science Gov:
NASA History:
Science Museum, UK:
Evolution and Darwin:
Science News for Kids:
Cool Science for Curious Kids:
History of Medicine:
How Stuff Works:

Photo Images and Political Cartoons
Life Magazine Photography and Covers 1936-1972:
Photo Museum:
University of Minnesota Image Library:
National Archives Photo Images:
Minnesota Historical Photography Resources:
American Rhetoric, Online Speech Bank:
Camera Works:

General Search Engines
Alta Vista:
Kid Info, Includes History Search engines:
Kids Click: Search Site for Kids:
About, Organized by subject:
Dog Pile:
Ask Jeeves:

University of Minnesota Library Resources
Home Page:
Law Library:
Bio-Medical Library:

Law and Government:  Minnesota
Minnesota Statutes, Laws and Rules:
Minnesota's State Constitution, MHS:
Minnesota Legislative History:
Minnesota State Law Library:

The Federal Government
Law Library of Congress:
Biographical Guide to US Congress:
Congressional Black Caucus:
Ben's Guide to US Government:
US Senate Official Site:
House of Representatives Official Site:
Supreme Court of the .
Declaration of Independence:
United States Constitution:
How Does Government Affect Me? PBS Kids:
The American Presidency, From the Smithsonian Collection:
Department of Justice:
FBI Kids Page:
Census Kids' Corner: