Classroom Projects

Each month there will be a calendar that contains daily activites.  You child will cross out each activity that do during the month and may record the books that were read to them or that they read on the reading log. (The calendar and reading log is turned in at the end of the month, if they decide to do it.  Keep the activity work at home, only the master calendar and log should be returned to school.)

Each month the students will have a Family Home Project.  This is optional for families to participate in.  The Family Activity usually goes home the first Tuesday of each month.

August-Brown Bag "Show and Tell" about themselves

September- All About Me page for a class book

October-design a pumpkin to be a character in a book

November- Thankful turkey feather

December-Design a gingerbread person

January-Design a snowperson

February-Design a Friendship/Valentine Box for sharing Friendship Cards

March-Design a leprechaun trap

April- Spring Theme

May-Closing the year