Notes from the Office
Monday, October 27, 2008 10:50 PM

Dear Families,

  • Attendance Matters! We look forward to having your child with us every day. If for some reason your child misses three or more days, and we have not heard from you, you will receive a letter. In the top right-hand corner, you will find the number of days your child has missed along with an explanation of our Minnesota state attendance laws. In an effort to ensure that all families are contacted regarding three days of unexcused absences, the Office of  Student Attendance took on this responsibility. As we assumed this new role, we experienced unexpected difficulties and therefore you may have received a letter in error. We are aggressively making every effort to correct the problems that led to incorrect letters being sent. Please accept our apology if you have received a letter in error. We will continue to work toward our goal of supporting your child's attendance. As you know, Attendance Matters! - from the District Office of Student Attendance
  •  Remember to vote on November 4th. The polls are likely to be crowded given the projected record turnout, so allow plenty of time to ensure you can exercise your important right to vote. Every vote matters! In addition to voting for president and other elected officials, your ballot will contain an opportunity to vote on the Minneapolis Schools Strong Schools Strong City referendum. If the referendum passes, it will provide funds that will be used to help manage class sizes and support education essentials such as early reading skills, math, science, technology and textbooks. If the referendum does not pass, the district will have to cut $30 million from their budget. To learn more about the referendum, go to
  •  8th Grade High School shadowing is from October 22nd - December 19th (excluding Mondays and Fridays). Forms were sent home with students and are also available in the office. Students may use 2 days for shadowing. Forms must be signed by a parent and advisory teacher and forwarded to the office for attendance purposes.
  • Individual student results of the CALT are being mailed out by the district this week(10/27-10/31). See the links on the LHCS website for further CALT information or contact your child's teacher, the school counselor (Heather Gysbers), or the assistant principal (Jay Alexander).