Dawn Porter-Third Grade

I am delighted to continue teaching at Lake Harriet Lower Campus!   I spent my first 3 years  of teaching in Waukegan, IL, after graduating from Luther College with a BA degree in elementary education and Spanish.  For 22 years  I taught at Jefferson Community School in Minneapolis, first as a Spanish specialist and then for 17 years as a third grade teacher. In the fall of 2008 I moved to Lake Harriet.  My husband and I enjoy living in the  Linden Hills neighborhood.  Our daughter graduated from Southwest High School in 2012 and the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in 2016.  Our son graduated from Southwest in 2015 and attends Luther College.

 My e-mail address is: Dawn.Porter@mpls.k12.mn.us


River Rendezvous
March 22
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 4:20 PM

We have a magnificent collection of games in Room A201.  Wow!  Lots of effort and creative ideas.  The students enjoyed playing many of the games this afternoon and we will continue to play during a big chunk of literacy time on Thursday and Friday.  If anyone with a camera is willing to take pictures on Thursday (1:30-2:45) or Friday (2:30-3:45) we'd love to put them on the website.  You would not need to stay the entire block, but the clever questions and unique game designs might cause you to lose track of time.

Today students took home a flyer about after-school activities.  Return ASAP if your child would like to sign up.  Want to spread kindness?  Check out the K-squad, led by 2 of our classmates (and Renee Landers).  Want to hang out with a high school student and get homework out of the way?  Study Buddies meets on Mondays.  Need to move?  Spring PE adventures could be just the thing for you!

Also in the blue folder:  A fun dice activity to use after reading a book at home.  Great questions to get your third grader to think about the text.  Entertainment and practice for the MCA reading test rolled into one.  If only you hadn't sent all of the dice to school in the ancient civilization game....  Post this on your refrigerator and use the open-ended questions with all of your readers!

Thank you for the rotting wood.  Our beetles enjoyed one chunk so much that some ate their way inside and are hiding in their tasty shelter.  We are comparing the behaviors and structures of our most recent classroom guests (crayfish and beetles) and have drawn amazing detailed pictures to accompany our observations.

We've also each compared two civilizations with a Venn diagram.  The students noted everything they could think of, and many show advanced thinking.  In addition to contrasting clothing, foods, homes, location and time period, the students noted similarities in the social structures, the religions, the roles of men and women, the government, climate, geography, inventions and more.

We've focused on both noticing unfamiliar words (our Hershey bar words, carefully collected and researched with a dictionary) and vivid vocabulary in our texts.  You'd be surprised how many similes and metaphors we've come across!  Now we are keeping our eyes open for examples of personification. 

Please add the following date to your calendar:  On Monday, April 17, the third graders will play their newly created dulcimers in a short but lovely concert from approximately 9:50-10:25.  We will be in the gym.  Come if you can!  Parents are still needed for the April 10 and April 11 10:40-11:25 dulcimer construction  sessions in our classroom.  Meet our guest artist, Ross Sutter, who works magic with the students every year.  My daughter still plays her dulcimer, created when she was a fifth grader over 11 years ago.  It's that kind of a project.  Don't miss it!