Middle Grades Schedule

"You may delay, but time will not."   -Benjamin Franklin

Advisory,  9:40-10:01
Period 1,  10:04;10:57
Period 2,  11:00-11:53
Period 3,  11:56-1:22
Lunch: 6th & 7A: 11:56, and  8th & 7B: 12:52
Period 4,  1:25-2:18    
Period 5,  2:21-3:14
Period 6,  3:17- 4:10    

*NOTE: Please be on time and note these policies: 
1. Tardy Policy:  You have 3 minutes of passing time between classes, so be on time to your next class! If you get 3 of the following (from one teacher) you will have an after school detention:   
A) A tardy to class    B) A disorderly hallway interaction   C) Using the wrong stairway

2. Stairway Use:  
Use the SOUTH stairway (by room 210) to go to lunch and specialists. The NORTH stairway (by room 205) will ONLY be used before school, at dismissal, and during fire drills.