Lower Campus Odds & Ends
Monday, March 02, 2009 10:40 PM

We celebrated National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) at Lake Harriet Lower Campus in great fashion. ALL parents and extended family members were invited to join us as we celebrated the DIVERSE make-up of families attending our school. Close to 250 family members/friends joined the children for breakfast, enjoyed the student performance that followed and visited the classrooms. Anne Keating did a great job preparing breakfast. Mr. Albert led the children in wonderful international dance, songs, peace music, and instrumental happenings. Thank you to our parent volunteers and to the many that were with us for NAAPID. We are well aware that family and community involvement is key to the educational success of our students.

Winter is still with us. Snow hills at bus stops continue to be with us also! Please
remind your children when they leave the school bus not to play on the snow banks
closest to the street. Rather, they should make their way to the sidewalk. We don’t
want any of our children sliding off a snow hill and into the street, possibly into the path of a car or bus.

Here is a positive, interesting statistic – as of Feb. 3, 2009, 91.3% of our Lower Campus students had 95% or greater attendance at school. Keep up the good work, parents! The ’07-’08 (last year) total year attendance was 88%. We’re staying ahead.

Lastly, we are experiencing a number of children arriving at school before the 9:30 am arrival time. Children should not be in the hallway before 9:30. If you bring children to school before 9:30 am, please wait with them outside the office or, as the weather improves, outside in the fresh air. Teachers need that time before school to prepare for the day. Thanks for your cooperation!

Ellen Murphy