Room 109 - Ms. Lyga Jones


We are in the second quarter of the school year! While many children have the routines in place, we are still reviewing and teaching them, as well as adding new routines. The biggest "new" routine is dressing for recess after lunch.  You can help with this by making sure your child's name is written in permanent marker somewhere in/on your child's gear.  You can also help by making sure your child can get ready all by him or herself.  There are many moving parts, including bathroom use, for the students before recess, as well as the teacher needing to get dressed for recess, too!  When we're all lined up and ready to go out, it is such a happy sight; all different colors of hats, mittens, snowpants, jackets, scarfs!  When we come in, it's another set of routines for where everything goes.  Your child needs shoes to change into.  We don't wear wet, muddy shoes nor boots in the room/ on our carpet.  An extra pair of socks tucked in the backpack is a good idea.  Wet socks are no fun to finish the day in.  Chapstick and travel-size lotion are also great ideas for the backpack or desk. 

The December Reading Log and Math Homework Calendar will be due upon return from Winter Break.  It is a balance to keep a child's homework to 10 mins./day.  Between spelling, reading high frequency words, listening to your child read, DreamBox, Lexia, and the Math Calendar, the first grade teachers believe that it all balances out well over a 7 day period with how we have organized it.  You may find that developing a weekly schedule is helpful, for each part does not have to be done dayly.  Many families use morning time for homework since Lake Harriet is a late start school.  Ipad use during the week could be limited to only DreamBox and Lexia with reward time given on the weekend with other apps - Fri. night through Sunday.