Room 109 - Ms. Lyga Jones
Bridge Work in Science - Testing to Fail

4th Quarter begins!

This week we begin a new ELA (English Language Arts) unit.  Unit 8 is called "Observing the Sky".  I have attached all of the spelling sheets for the year at the bottom.  You can open that and find the current week if you need another sheet.

In math we are focusing on number patterns and grouping tens.  We will also continue to work on building number sense through routines, games and assignments.  You can help at home by continuing to work with concepts of time and money.

For social emotional learning( SEL) using the curriculum Second Step, we are finishing our unit on emapthy and starting the next unit about emotion management.

In Social Studies, our 4th Quarter unit is Geography.  

In Science, we will be working with electricity and working with the Bakken here in our classrooms thanks to a PTA grant.  We will also be going to the Bakken on a field trip.  When the time is right, we will be planting seeds and recording our observations as they develop.  The plants will come home for planting outside.

Earth Day is at the end of April.  All first graders are creating projects at home to help celebrate Earth Day.  Need a new copy?  It's at the bottom of this page. 

Media is on Day 1 11:25-12:20. Books must be returned before another can be checked out. To help you track this day, the next Media day is Thursday, April 19th.

document Earth Day Project   --  An opportunity for your student to delve deep into a topic of their choice.