Introducing the LHCS Health Office Website
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 10:50 AM

Lake Harriet has a new and updated Health Office website!  You can now go to this site for health services information that applies to Lake Harriet Community School.  There are handy links to the following areas which include forms, policies and/or general information:

·         Annual Health Information Form

·         Communicable Diseases

·         Community Resources

·         Health Camps

·         Health Info Web Links

·         Health Office News

·         Health Questionnaires

·         Illness/Absences

·         Immunization Information

·         Medications at School

·         Physical Exam Forms

·         Screening Information

The Health Office News link will contain pertinent health news releases from the district or the public at large.  Go to  Bookmark it, then hit the link for the Health Office!

Many thanks to Paula Mattson for her work in developing this site.  Without her expertise, this project would have remained just a
good idea.  Kathy Frey, LSN