Homework Policies

DAILY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - Each day  your child should write their assignments, announcements, and reminders in their Agenda Book.  

* Reading - Students are expected to read for 20 minutes/night, in a book of their choice.  No reading log will be required this year.  

In addition, there will be weekly reading homework assigned on Monday .  The homework should be turned in all together on FRIDAY of each week.  

I will also be assigning  a few long-term reading/writing projects that are due one month after the assignment is given.  These are book report projects that serve several purposes.  One of which is to give the students the opportunity to demonstrate the abiltiy to speak and present in front of their peers.

*Writing - Students will be working on their writing in class.  They will occassionaly have writing assignments that need to be completed at home.  When these are assigned, you will be informed of all expectations in advance of the due date.

*Spelling - Log in to Spellingcity.com From there you will need to log in using your user name and password assigned at the beginning of the year.  Spelling lists will be assigned on Monday of each week.  The students are expected to complete 4 homework assignments online before the spelling test on Friday.

*Social Studies - Occasionally there will be Social Studies homework.  Please check your child's agenda book for those assignments.  In February, all 4th graders