Reading & Math

Dragon Reader-

Your child should have brought a Dragon Reader form home.  This is for you to record books read at home.  The assignment is to read/be read to at least 20 minutes each night and list the title and who read on the form.  On the back of the form is space for three reflections or evaluations of the story.  You or your child may fill this in.  The form you have now is good for September and October.  The form is due the last Wednesday in October

You can find more information and extra forms here:

Spelling Test-

Spelling lists should be practiced several times per week.  Spelling test are on Fridays and lists can be found under the spelling tab.  Lists will also come home with your child at the beginning of the week.


Math Homework-

Math homework is occasional.  Look for the backpack icon on the sheet to indicate it's homework from our math curriculum.   Always think about working on time and money at home as our curriculum does not include much on these topics and they really are easier learned in real time use.

Things to practice at home:

- Kids need to count forwards and backwards from any given point to 120 by the end of the year. If your child has mastered this, move on to going as high as 1,000.

- Time and money are good things to do at home.

- You can work with your child on adding doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles minus 1, combinations of 10 and subtraction (which is more challenging) 1-20.